Our commitment is to invest in human skills and capabilities. Our goal is to promote artistic abilities to interpret and bring to life new creations.
Our only support, Our Artisanal Intelligence®.

– Aldo Cingolani

Bertone Design Group represents a unique excellence, a synergy between Bertone Design and New Crazy Colors. It combines heritage, technology, and creativity to create multidisciplinary projects that serve as international ambassadors of the passion for beauty and attention to detail typical of Made In Italy. Each creation reflects the philosophy of emotional design, where the daily experience is seen as a combination of physical, aesthetic, and psychological well-being.

Bertone Design Group

Via Domenico Ghirlandaio, 5
Monza (MB) – Italy

Tel. +39 039 20 28 367

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New Crazy Colors (Shanghai) Decorative Design Co.,Ltd.

Room 2005, NO.199 North Chengdu Road, Jing An District, Shanghai, Zip: 200040

Bertone Design Group USA Inc.

50 Broad Street,
New York NY, 10004


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