Bertone Design Lab

Bertone Design Lab stands out in the design landscape with its advanced 3D printing system, becoming a key player for designers, architects, and engineers. This technology not only speeds up the development of ideas, offering new creative possibilities compared to traditional methods, but also reduces costs and production times, allowing for precise testing on prototypes that are faithful to the final products. 

The commitment to sustainable innovation is highlighted by joining the Brand Ambassador program of Formlabs, a company that produces next-generation 3D printers with minimal environmental impact. 

The use of sustainable materials, processed without additives or contaminating agents, reflects the company’s ecological vision, positioning it at the forefront of managing efficient and environmentally respectful production processes.


Bertone Design Group Via Domenico Ghirlandaio, 5 Monza (MB) – Italy Tel. +39 039 20 28 367 Google MapsApple Maps