Bertone Design Group stands at the forefront of the design landscape, offering international master’s courses of exceptional level.
Among its most significant programs is the Master in Design For Architecture, attended by our President Aldo Cingolani, the result of a prestigious collaboration with Poli.Design of Milan.

This course is designed to explore new frontiers of design, skillfully integrating theory and practice to effectively respond to the challenges of the modern world. Through immersion in stimulating projects, it promotes creative thinking that transcends conventional limits.

It thus represents an unmissable opportunity for those who aspire to transform their passion for design into a prominent career.

Bertone Design Group

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Monza (MB) – Italy

Tel. +39 039 20 28 367

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New Crazy Colors (Shanghai) Decorative Design Co.,Ltd.

Room 2005, NO.199 North Chengdu Road, Jing An District, Shanghai, Zip: 200040

Bertone Design Group USA Inc.

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New York NY, 10004


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