New Crazy Colors

New Crazy Colors represents an excellence in the field of visual merchandising. Founded in 1993 as a specialized atelier for luxury window displays, over the years, it has expanded its expertise, evolving into a genuine idea factory.

Today, with two production facilities in Monza and Shanghai, it boasts a portfolio of over 20,000 highly complex international projects in the retail sector. These include industrial and interior design, window displays, accessory and tool production, the design of pop-up stores, and event structures.

Every project conceived by New Crazy Colors follows a comprehensive process, ranging from the conceptual phase to installation, blending a determined approach with the use of cutting-edge software and a constant pursuit of eco-sustainable materials. Since 2020, the company has been an integral part of the Bertone Design Group. With the contribution of an internal team of set designers, New Crazy Colors is committed to enhancing the overall creativity of the group, emphasizing its eclectic spirit. In synergistic collaboration with Bertone Design, New Crazy Colors introduces high-value projects into the luxury sector, distinguished not only for their creative component but also for their advanced engineering, architectural, and technological expertise.



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