OUR AI: Artisanal Intelligence®

Artisanal Intelligence® (AI) is a concept that originates from the fusion of craftsmanship and digitalisation. It represents the design philosophy of Bertone Design Group, combining the use of the most innovative software with an exceptional scenography component.

The production facility in Monza hosts a scenography division, composed of an exceptional team trained at the Brera Academy, dedicated to the daily creation of hundreds of extraordinary works.

In Visual Merchandising, where artistic aspects play a crucial role in representing the brand’s values, the role of the scenographer is indispensable. This is due to the nature of the creations, often handcrafted as unique pieces or in limited quantities. This limitation results from tight production timelines that do not allow for the industrialisation of elements, as it would require time, and to ensure the highest quality and attention to detail.

Here, Human Artisanal Intelligence takes shape, capable of skilfully transforming materials, surfaces, and unique tactile sensations. This aptitude not only translates ideas into reality but also allows for the reinterpretation of existing elements, intervening on material and color aspects, enhancing their value with a touch of originality, following an upcycling philosophy.



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